"Annastasia Workman is a fearless, tireless force of composing musical scores; a creative engine that runs on any fuel and hums nonetheless- rock, musical theater, dreamy film soundtracks, folk schlock, ragtime, a.m. gold- you name it.  She can get a crew of dandies down a long bend in the Missouri river, drive a pickup truck through a snowy mountain pass, find her way off grid in remote Montana, divine a hot springs in the hinterland, and give a speech that will have everyone in the room toasting.  In costume, or not, it's hard to tell- she's always just...so utterly Annastasia!  Like O negative blood, she's the universal donor...for your musical needs!"

-Jed Dunkerley, visual artist, songwriter, performer, teacher



"Annastasia Workman* is a one-of-a-kind artist and human. She intentionally spends her days cultivating rich relationships with friends and family, communing with nature, and creating music and art with those around her.  She is one of the most loyal and dedicated friends with whom one could have the pleasure of sharing their years. Whist her musical prowess runs wide and deep, this humble listener will always be most moved by her authentic and modest vocal rendition of "Rainbow Connection."

-Amy Jo La Rubbio, musical theater songbird, PEPS guru, rad person

"There is balance in Annastasia's works which can't be constructed, it is nurtured into maturity. She lives with her pieces as they evolve; the results are personal, organic and flowering. I've never seen her compose, but rather cultivate her music. This is a rare trait in a professional who works with deadlines and other constrictions. This is what makes her music alluring and beautiful."

-Dayton Allemann, composer, multi-instrumentalist, interdisciplinary performance artist, computer whiz


"Annastasia Workman is one of Seattle finest and most imaginative composers. She is a composer of music, dinner parties, tulip beds, and camping trips, but where she really really shines is in outfits."

-Sari Breznau, conductor, composer, performer, adventurist


"Annastasia is every bit the embodiment of a creative dynamo as a multi-instrument musician, composer and theatrical performer. You should definitely hire her for these well-honed professional skills alone, but you will get so much more in the bargain. As an added bonus you will be lucky to know a cat whisperer, karate brown belt, adventurous spirt and a generous, loyal friend to many crazy people who are so fortunate to have her in their lives."

-Kiki Renander, stained glass artist, superior outdoor recreationalist


"Annastasia Workman is a musical polyglot, fluent in multiple techniques including jazz improvisation, technical classical performance and ensemble work, as well as pop, funk, ragtime and more.  As a composer, she has the rare ability to slip naturally into any style from big band jazz to impressionism to 80s glam rock, always infusing her personal voice.  I look forward to each project and performance, knowing that Annastasia will always challenge herself and in turn put on a great show."  

-Ray Allen, artist, concert pianist, software developer


"Annastasia has a  powerful grace behind the piano that is perfectly poised,  as her  fingers create thick tapestries of emotion that range from a gentle caress to a 1960's kung fu chop to crotch. Her music's natural flow and beauty are layered in harmonic complexity that draw you In to listen deeper and and listen again. Her songs are perfectly constructed and accessible, borrowing from the masters of classical arrangement and the masters of emotional honesty.  When she plays, it feels like her emotions are yours and she is generous in that regard. As an artist her music blends the darkness and the light, the  despair and hope that  we all feel but have trouble bringing into harmony."

-Matthew Manges, drummer, songwriter, physical therapist