• Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Redlands, CA (1997)

  • Graduate of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in Seattle, WA (2005)


Recent film scores:

  • "J'Arrive" (2014, Mezzanine Productions) Silver award winner of the 2015 Spotlight Film Award in the Seattle International Film Festival

  • "Good Glue Sticks" (2013, Georges Méliès, 1907 film) Score performed by live chamber ensemble at the 'Sounds of Silents' Festival (in collaboration with SIFF)

  • "Out of the Mist" (2012, Crest Pictures) Documentary, featured on PBS Seattle

  • "Below the Clouds" (2008, Crest Pictures) Documentary, featured on PBS Seattle


Recent theater scores:

  • "The Champagne Widow" (2018, Cafe Nordo, Opal Peachey co-production) 16-song musical taking place in 'les caves,' telling the story of four powerful women of Champagne who were instrumental in developing  the sparkling beverage we all know and love.

  • "Onerus" (2016, Cafe Nordo production) 'dystopic future' show set in 2046, with an electronic music score with synthesizers, electric guitar, alto flute, vocals, and lots of effects processing.

  • "The Maltese Falcon" (2016, Book-it Repertory Theater/Cafe Nordo production)  early 1930's jazz score for a female jazz trio (alto sax, drums, trumpet, bass, vocals) .

  • "Smoked" (2017, Cafe Nordo production) Spaghetti western-inspired score, featuring vocal songs and underscore with both a live band and digital recordings.

  • "Sauced" (2015, Cafe Nordo production) 1937 'gin-joint' show, featuring original vocal songs and live underscore with a small jazz combo (piano, drums, bass)

Other Projects:

  • Composer for Virtual Therapeutics VR game, "Summit" (since spring 2017)

  • Co-leader of  spaghetti western band, "Two Horses Too Many" with Dayton Allemann, also featuring Evan Mosher, Matt Manges, Craig Corvin, and Ivan Molton on vocals, trumpets, drums, bass, sax, accordion, keys, and guitars.